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Writing and experience

It was as if I was right there.

I felt like I was there with you.

Can’t wait to visit the spots you’ve written about.

Perhaps it was a post about the city in the hot Summer. Perhaps it was about the quiet night. Perhaps it was about a park I had spent the afternoon in.

I’ve been posting about many things every few days but often, when I write about a place or a time of day or a moment, people respond with such lovely words. Then I know exactly what readers were thinking as they read my piece. Such words feel refreshing like balm to my writerly senses.

But why? Why do I love these reactions where readers talk about visualizing a scene or feeling a place along with me (other than the fact that they are positive comments, of course)? Continue reading Writing and experience

Words, wit and writing

For the past few weeks, I was posting quotations that I like on my Facebook page.

Many of them were from my witty friend Oscar Wilde. Then I thought why not quote Bottledworder? All I need to do is to look inside. So here are some words of wisdom from BW’s Good Angel and Bad:

My Blogging Experience

A Sunset Through Rose Colored Glasses
A Sunset Through Rose Colored Glasses (Photo credit: furiousgeorge81)

Today, my blog will be about my experience of writing this blog. Not just about the writing of it but about my relationship with it–how I got obsessed with it, how I kept checking it, how a yellow little notification button bringing likes and comments made my heart skip a beat every time, how I began to see the world through a list of little flags with numbers against them showing readers near and far. It will be about love, about envy, about obsession and finally, about my attempt to get a hold over it.

It will be about the experience of creating something and setting it out into the world and seeing it grow, about the process of democratic writing, about seeing how good writing exposed to the world can rise through unknown readers and how bad writing is punished by a dead spread on a static page with no movement in something as cold and tangible as site graphs and statistics.

It’s also about growth, about compromise, about settling for what the world wants you to be, about taming yourself, about paring your rough edges, sometimes painfully, to become part of a larger community.

In short, the experience of blogging as a microcosm of social life.

Details - Scribble widly using only borrowed p...
Details – Scribble widly using only borrowed pens – (Page 94&95) (Photo credit: atibens)

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