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December Holidays and Social Media

So you thought December was the most festive month of the season? A month full of cookies, cake, decorations, lights, and some much needed rest and bliss? Continue reading December Holidays and Social Media

Monday After no Ordinary Sunday

Perhaps holidays are just meant to be that way.

Tape Measure

To seem indefinitely long when they start, to seem impossibly short when they end and to speed up incredibly in the middle.

They seem fat and elastic when they are looming around the corner but sort of thin and misty trailing off in the distance when they are over. Continue reading Monday After no Ordinary Sunday

Make Bottledworder better in 2013

It’s that time of year again. Kids laughing and people rejoicing and men and women trampling each other to get to the sales  at the malls.

Bottledworder wishes Bottledworder could put up the following scrap of paper on the blog:

But wait! Bottledworder is already a zero. We’re all zeros here, propping each other up like brightly coloured balls in ball pits, all bouncy but without a hope of looking attractive without others.

So no. Bottledworder is not on sale.

It’s the new year again. It’s the time of reckoning. Bottledworder needs to reckon.

Bottledworder needs some pats on the back and some constructive criticism so Bottledworder can wallow in self-pity with the critical stuff during the holidays punctuated by a few moments of good feeling about the blog for the upcoming new year.

So ,

What you need to do:

Bottledworder will be very happy if some of you would write a short post about Bottledworder on your own blog with a link to “Bottledworder” touching upon why you like to come to this blog and what you’d like to see here next year.

Basically, what do you like here and what would you like to see more of?

In return, I’ll reblog the best post here in the new year (on Jan 5th) and I’ll preface it with a writeup about your blog and why I liked your post.

I’ll also keep posting readers’ posts about my posts under the Reader Responses section through 2013.

I’ve been getting some excellent multi-paragraph comments to some of my blog posts and I thought this could be  a good way to make your responses a bit more permanent and visible here.

Thank you for your support!