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Who *are* you behind your online words?

A friend I knew had made her first foray into the online dating scene a few years ago. A confident urban young woman with a lot of poise, she was receiving a lot of requests for connections. One guy in a particular profile managed to email her directly. She showed it to me with a giggle. It read something like this:

Every morning I wake up smiling with the sun shining on my face and a smile and a song on my lips. I drive dancing to the tune of the radio on my way to work. I bring joy and happiness to those around me all day at work and when the sun goes down I get in touch with my spiritual side as my (light) head hits the pillow at the end of a glorious day.

Okay. Perhaps he didn’t mention his light head but the email was something very much like the one above.

English: A photo of a sun hot air balloon.

I seem to remember that with all that sunshine in his life, he was wearing a pair of very dark glasses in the profile picture heroically holding a fish that he had caught from some water body behind him.

What can a person’s written language tell us about them as people if we don’t know them at all? Are we right to make an assessment about a person solely based on the way they come across through their writing? For example, would it be right to assume that the guy above is either silly or over-the-top or working too hard to impress? Were we right to giggle? Continue reading Who *are* you behind your online words?

How to write blogs

P writing blue

I am rather new to this genre called the blog but in the past few days I’ve  been able to figure out a few stylistic conventions of blogging, which, no doubt, have some roots in necessity. If anyone knows more, I’d be very interested to know what you figured out through experience.

Here’s what I found: Continue reading How to write blogs