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Where is the story?

The three ladies
The three ladies on the wooden server

Sometimes you look at objects in your surroundings and feel like there’s a story that’s waiting to be told. There’s something that speaks to you and you want to give it a voice. But the story is so very nebulous that you wonder what it could become.

The wispy words escape your grasp and all you can do is wait.

You know it won’t be either a true story or fiction. It may not be anything with a beginning, middle and end. Will it be a showpiece, just a description or something more? You never know until the story is told.

Will it be a real story? No. So there it will stand, waiting to be read like the fragmented bit of an imperfect imagination looking for a home.

Where will it go when this orphan story takes shape?

In the blog, of course!

The story isn’t here yet, but look out for it if you are curious what it could become.

Even I’m curious to see how it all comes out when it does!

Characters from the inside of your head

A while ago I was trying to dream up a story. In the story, my young hero’s sister has an arranged marriage and moves to the United States from India. I could dream up the humdrum of the colourful wedding, of the bridal finery, of the perspective of the female protagonist’s reaction to the whole cacophonous affair. But as my mind travelled to the inside of this sister’s head, I drew a blank.

What was going through our sister’s head moving to a new country with a strange man? Did she feel powerless not being able to be the engine of her own destiny? Did she feel empowered by the social status that a good groom and a good marriage bestowed on her? Did she feel lost? Did she feel regret at not having pursued her studies or training further on her own? What would she do now? Continue reading Characters from the inside of your head