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Fall cometh

City Hall Park

When seasons change and the scorching heat of Summer gives way to the clear light of Fall, when the loud random noises of unwatched television shows and afternoon sundry leaf-blowing give way to the quietness of bed, when the painful numbness of the hopelessness of everyday life gives way to a purpose or at least a pattern, when the large pet dogs on their leashes forced to walk at their owners’ will pant  on the pavements with their tongues hanging out but no longer seem to mind the heat so much you realize that seasons can change.

Such as now, when Fall is coming blowing away the last wisps of Summer.
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Summer is here in Manhattan

Just a few weeks ago it had been unseasonably cold, dark and dreary in the city. It had drizzled all day. People had huddled under their umbrellas if they could keep those wispy things from being blown away by the tyrannical wind. The wind blew through the streets encouraged by the  gigantic guiding walls of the skyscrapers while the rain lashed people’s faces like a thousand cold needles. Continue reading Summer is here in Manhattan

Summer at last in NYC

Today was rainy but it’s Summer at last in the city. Days are longer, people are less huddled on the streets and the buildings of Manhattan get to show themselves off dazzling those who have the leisure to look up.

Picture taken from City Hall Park, Downtown Manhattan
Picture taken from City Hall Park, Downtown Manhattan

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