Observations on the writing process

The easy parts:

  • Writing about moments I’ve forgotten in the past
  • Writing about people that I’ve known
  • Situations that I’ve felt strongly about
  • Ideas that personally inspire me
  • Things that are vivid in my mind

The difficult parts:

  • Putting those people in relation to each other
  • Making you care about those moments
  • Making you feel those situations
  • Making you inspired about ideas you disagree with
  • Making you see those things vivid in my mind

The gruelling parts:

  • Choosing a tone
  • Writing out the details
  • Checking the facts
  • Proofreading for grammar and spellings
  • Cutting down parts that I truly care about

The pleasures:

  • Making you see the world through my eyes
  • Enjoying the power that comes with guiding your thoughts about my ideas
  • Making you care about things I think about
  • Enjoying the relief that comes with creating a complete thing
  • Loving that I can populate my world with custom-made people I created myself

One thought on “Observations on the writing process”

  1. Great list!

    I have such a difficult problem with tone! I find it hard to funnel the day’s real time emotions and thoughts into the tone I picked when I began a piece. More often than not if I’m in a good mood I’ll start writing something humorous, with jokes a’plenty, and then find myself, days or weeks later, philosophizing somberly within the same document.


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