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I started this blog in the Summer of 2012 just for fun. At first I was my only reader. I even pressed the like button on my own post to test it out since there was no one else reading this.

Since then, the blog and its readers have grown and the blog has developed its own character. I value it now as much for my own words as for the insightful comments readers post here. Currently I plan to not have a plan for the blog. I want to let it grow organically in directions that it wants to explore taking any shape or form it was meant to grow into.

About the content

As it stands now, I post a lot about writing and reading keeping it all very simple making these posts both entertaining and instructive for others as well as for myself. Many of these posts have also turned into instructions specifically about writing blogs.

My personal favourites are the essay-style creative non-fiction pieces that I put up from time to time. The rest of the posts are on whatever catches my fancy–humour, culture, travel, education, fiction, global lives, social media, life in general, things that happened or anything else which piques my curiosity or turns out fun.

About me

I grew up in Calcutta, India and moved to Florida, USA for higher education after which I taught writing at a big school in California, USA. I’ve moved around a lot since then from the New York City area to India to California to Singapore and then back to Florida’s beautiful  coast. I’ve met some wonderful people along the way who have made those places I lived in worth knowing. I collected a couple of degrees in English literature along the way and worked in the field of Writing Studies but I still cannot say that I’ve even begun to scratch the surface of either field of study. (Updated April 2016)

Nah! Too perfect to look like me!

Bottledworder was my third choice as far as names go but my very first real blog. My first two preferences were already taken that night the thought of starting a blog struck me. It has been nice to live as just Bottledworder in the blogosphere for the last six months remaining gender neutral and identity-less. However, many readers have been assuming that I’m a “he” and I began wondering what it was about my style that made them think I was a man. Although I am a woman, I don’t mind being whatever gender my readers assume I am based on my writing alone. That’s who Bottledworder really is. Just human.

I’ve started to quite like myself as Bottledworder lately. Thank you, readers, for reading along!

November 15, 2012


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  1. Currently I plan to not have a plan for the blog. I want to let it grow organically in directions that it wants to explore taking any shape or form it was meant to grow into.

    Love this! It articulates what I want my own blog to be but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Now I know and that’s empowering. (And freeing. No box! Yay!)


  2. Hi, there. You have a very nice blog and it was amazing to know you have been teaching how to write for a while. I have done it myself for ten years, until I realize that I have made others write while my purpose when I started to teach was to improve my own writing.
    As you see my blog I am still very shy to write myself, instead I share what I find intersting.


  3. Rather than comment on this particular post, I’m more inclined to direct my comments specifically to you. Hopefully, my words won’t appear fatuous or self-serving, but I happen to think you are perhaps the most clever and engaging blog that I visit. You write in a most pleasing style, simply yet scholarly without being pedantic and/or ostentatious. You have interesting and timely subjects on which you sincerely expound. So, I am intrigued by you. Knowing you taught writing comes as no surprise to me. Knowing you arrived in New York via India adds to the mystique, and, then, everyone has to be from somewhere. 🙂 Your writing, in a most honorable and professional way, is seductive. Do not for a moment be concerned by this old man’s e-mail query. Your writing is just that good…

    It’s just that I would like to know more about you, about books you must have written, your family, your life — all of which, of course, is private and none of my business. If I’ve missed some clues on your ‘home’ page or if I’ve just been a clumsy Sherlock, forgive me. Is it possible for you to share with me articles, books, essays you have written. If you have written only your posts on this blog you started last year, these are validation enough that your fingers tap magically on the keyboard. In any event, if it is within your privacy ethics please let me know more about you.

    My website/blog sites are: http://goo.gl/TeQpP and http://thefinalcurtain1.wordpress.com – My e-mail site is billyraychitwood@gmail.com or brchitwood@gmail.com
    My twitter user name is @brchitwood. I’m also on Facebook.

    It would please me if you could visit my website/blogs, read some of my posts, scan and preview my books, and let me know what you think. Please be assured I shall understand if you are too busy or otherwise disinclined.

    In any event, thank you for sharing your marvelous posts.

    Billy Ray


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