Sign from above

I love going to restaurants and movies alone. When alone, I usually don’t get a good seat but today they ushered me to a pretty good spot at my favourite Sichuan restaurant right under this lighted sign. I felt pretty good.

At Honguo, Bugis, Singapore
At Honguo, Bugis, Singapore

In case you can’t read this, here are the lines:

Sometimes streets are half wet and half dry
The climate is vertical.
The weather is changing from time to time.
One side of a street is raining and the other side
Might be shiny bright.

On the way back a few raindrops fell on me but I didn’t care.

15 thoughts on “Sign from above”

  1. Most times I prefer going out alone. I’ve never had any problem getting good seats. I feel like it’s much easier just going myself rather than trying to get other people organized.

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