7 Job seekers’ conundrums

You’ve worked hard. You’ve gotten a degree. And then you start looking for a job.

You skim through thousands of job ads. You encounter buzzwords and concepts that whizz through your head like bullets.

Each one is a paradox. Or a tautology.

Or whatever.

Read them enough times and they’ll seem to make sense.

1. Seeking entry-level candidates with experience
2. Seeking creative writers proficient in technical writing
3. Seeking focused multitaskers
4. Seeking client facing candidates
5. Seeking leaders who are self starters with the ability to take direction

Job career sites . . .

6. Offering learning intensive courses
7. Offering job advice columns with tips to outdo other job seeking candidates (who are, presumably, also readers of these same tips in the exact same column)

Then you pause a bit.

What do they even mean? Who resolves the paradox?

Good news. It has to be YOU!


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