On being Freshly Pressed

I had been nurturing my fledgeling blog for several weeks now when all of a sudden I receive this email from WordPress asking me to look out for my blog to be featured in the next few days.


More than a hundred followers in a day or two, a few thousand hits and very insightful comments that made me so happy. Exuberance (Freshly Pressed!), excitement (at the sudden publicity), relief (at last!) and anxiety (should I move some things around before so many people see it?)followed each other in quick succession.

I was about to set out on a road trip and nothing could set a better tone. Thanks to mobile networks, I could see my readership grow in front of my eyes!

I tried to respond to comments as they came in the car. Stumbled upon a very funny discovery along with my short space in the limelight. Some of the comments were a great pleasure to read and great excerpts of writing by themselves. I had nothing more to say to some of them other than a “thank you” or a nice smiley face.They’d said it all.

But if you put in “thank you” or smiled too many times, the comment box objected.

“You’ve already said that!” was the stern retribution from a follow up screen.So I took a long time responding.

I’m thankful to WordPress. No better proof required for me than this that you read my blogs (being featured, not the bug).

But thanks also to all those people who read and commented before I was featured, especially to HairsprayandHemingway and Monkey Prodigy for encouraging me along with your recommendations about me on your own blogs. Those were great.

Since I’m always trying to improve, I’ve been paying close attention to your comments. My Blog Audience wondered who was reading me and many of you responded with very vivid descriptions of the places you were in, concretizing the people behind my readers. I received comments from places as varied as Nepal, the Sultunate of Oman, England and Kentucky, USA to name a few. Some of you said you loved the blog medium as a global forum for the exchange of ideas.

On the negative side, some of you noted, and rightly so, that I think too much!

I was so glad that some of you clicked and read my piece through even though it was too long maybe for a blog. Many of you commented on the evocative nature of the style. I found this both validating and encouraging.

But I know I should not get complacent and should try to include those pictures and headings that are appropriate to the genre and maybe reduce the length as I improve.

I didn’t think this was my best blog. I have others I like better. But I guess my audience found the one featured interesting.

That just shows that as a writer, you’ve got to keep writing. And you can’t get too invested in what you produce. You never know what will click and what won’t.

The rest is for the audience to decide!

23 thoughts on “On being Freshly Pressed”

  1. I enjoy reading your blog. I’ve only been blogging a short time, so I’m still finding my way. It’s my goal to one day be on Freshly Pressed. It’s probably a long way off, but it’s still a goal. You have such an easy style to read. Keep it up! ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Congratulations on the FP! I enjoying your blog entries – you have a very natural writing style. Your blog pic reminds me of when I wrote during lunch breaks from a cubicle on the 15th floor of my downtown office. Keep writing – I look forward to your posts!


  3. Bottledworder, I am not surprised at all. You have definitely kept me reading your blog. Your reflective style is something I can relate to.

    As an aside, I currently live in Canada but Calcutta was once my home. You took the time to “like” one of my posts and I posted a link to your post “cafes and the city” on my college alumni FB Group page. We’re wondering who you are!

    Congratulations on the FP!


  4. I enjoy your writing. And congrats on being FP! Also, thank you for liking my recent post. I appreciate it!


  5. Thanks a lot for the mention. You’re very lucky to have been featured. Good job. I’m lucky to have 15 followers right now. But blogging is a tough world and we’ve just gotta stick in there.


  6. I believe I said when I wrote originally on the post that was Freshly Pressed that your voice is universal. You speak to us and we hear the sound of a friend, maybe one who is far away, but a friend who speaks our language.
    I am not surprised that WordPress picked it up and ran with it. Keep at it bottledworder. Your voice is your strength. And never let anybody tell you otherwise.


  7. Congrats! How exciting. I’m both happy for you and super jealous of you at the same time! I like the part about not knowing what will click with the audience… you really do never know.


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