Fall already?

There’s been something different in the air this week. Is it the quality of light?

I always think of light in Summer as golden, burning, somehow heavy. Not heavy like winter but heavy like it makes its presence known. The concrete gives off heat, the ducks hide under the thin shade of the bridges, people scurry along from shade to shade. Every blast of the AC is greeted with eagerness with every pull of the glass doors.

But now the light has turned silverish. The air seems lighter, fresher. If only because the season is changing.

Hint of Fall here in New York City.

The heaviness of Summer and the golden light always reminds me of Calcutta. And Florida. Except for the lack of humidity.

Somehow, Summer seems strong, as though it’s made its place in the sequence of months through quiet deliberation and certitude, pushing the other seasons out of the way. Summer has clarity. Summer is definite. At least in places I’ve lived in.

Fall is light. Fall is sparkling. Fall reminds me of California–blue skies, blue waters, white clouds. Not colour yet. Maybe in a few more weeks but not yet.

Change brings out differences in people. Some feel cold, some feel warm. Some have cardigans on while others live on in their tank tops. The smallest dogs have their warm clothing on in the evenings as they scurry along while their big counterparts are still panting. Some are still eating cooling salads for lunch while others are venturing to spicier stuff.

There’s a lot of hope in the air too. New school sessions, new books, new challenges, new friends.

Summer is relief for many. The requiem to the old school year. A chance to catch up on work fallen behind or work to get ahead.

But Fall is a fresh start.

Fall is hope.

But Fall is also a reminder that many outdoor activities will close down soon. No more kids jumping in the fountain at Washington Square Park. No more people freely at their Tai Chi sessions on the concrete. No more Farmers’ markets in the smaller parks. No more loitering on the benches.

Very soon, one and all will have to be wrapped up in black, and black, and black, all huddled together, putting on layer after layer after layer of armour in preparation for Winter.

[I was thinking of inserting a picture or two in this post. But I don’t think the pictures would reflect how the light has changed for me. I wasn’t sure how the spirit of the people enjoying their last few days of outdoor freedom would look like framed by the boundaries of a photograph. I’d have to be a very sensitive photographer to get that spirit! So I didn’t risk it.]

45 thoughts on “Fall already?”

  1. Thank you SO much for reading and liking my ‘Ode to Jimmy’. I’m flattered…I’m going to learn a LOT from reading/following you!


  2. Autumn light seems to change every five minutes; there’s some magic angle value that the sun has now dipped below in the Northern hemisphere. However, today, someone has stolen our sky and replaced it with tracing paper.


  3. I enjoy the fall because it weeds out the wimps. If you want to be outside, you better earn it. Those of us walking the trails, strolling down the blustery sidewalks; we’re the stubborn folks and we earn our fresh air. Thanks for another thoughtful blog. šŸ™‚


  4. Well, it’s definitely Autumnal in deepest Northumberland today – strong winds and suddenly the mercury in the thermometer is heading south. In less than two weeks we will be in NYC to experience the Fall first hand – your words provide an interesting preview – many thanks.


  5. Yes, fall is here in Ohio, too. Days are warm, nights are cool; I’m keeping a sweater at hand. The light is different–softer, less brazen. Here’s to autumn, my fav season of the year!


  6. this is my first Fall! oh you have no idea how this makes me very excited! i lived in other side of world before.. no fall and winter.. i’m pretty sure i’m gonna love this season.
    i wear my cardigan already. it’s too cold for me šŸ˜€


  7. I’d like to say that Fall has fell in Texas, but alas, not yet. Today’s not bad, but the cold front quit at Ft Worth, and I guess ’cause of all that concrete, just went around us like in a funnel…like your writing. Thanks!


  8. Thanks for stopping by, it was brilliant to see someone who’s so successful on here taking the time to see little old me! Love your posts, you really capture the essence of blogging and writing for an audience. Fall is a great season, to me, its the start of winter and THAT is my favourite. I love getting old the knitwear, the cocoa and the log burner, being holed up with loved ones, comfy and cozy.


  9. Great post – I was just talking to a colleague about how there’s a definite change, maybe something about the air, here in London. But the idea of the light being different absolutely nailed it. Personally I’m looking forward to digging out my favourite jacket and putting this washout of a summer behind me!


  10. Your writing style is lovely! I LOVE fall, and you described it quite well. I’ve never been to New York in the fall, but now I’d love to go!


      1. ..or so the song lyric goes. Here in Santa Cruz, we have fog occassionally in the summer, and shine most of the time in the winter. It is paradise, however, all the time. šŸ™‚ One of these days I’ll have enough time to photoblog all the sunsets I’ve snapped. There is one of them in the Didn’t You Forget to Propose’ episode. Thanks again for sharing your amazing writing gift the world. Beautiful….truly beautiful. Troy


  11. Beautifully written. I grew up in New York, but recently moved to Florida – – yet, I, too, have noted a change in the air lately. I might try to capture that in words now, thanks to your inspiration. Thanks for stopping by The Thinking Closet.


  12. Enjoyed the post about coming of Fall. I also posted this week about the crisp clean air this week. Since I live in Georgia, it has been a welcome reprieve from the smoldering humidity. Enjoy the change!


  13. I live in northern New Jersey–right outside NYC–and yes, definitely a change in the air. You described the coming of autumn beautifully. I agree, there is a certain ‘lightness’ to the season that doesn’t seem part of summer’s routine. It’s interesting that you describe fall as a new beginning, as I’ve always seen spring as the season renewal. Fall to me was the ending of something, a beautiful ending. But I guess where there is an ending there has to be a beginning. I think of John Keats’ poem “To Autumn” where he strives to defend the season as doing the best she can to make up for that fact that she’s not summer.

    Great post. I love your blog šŸ™‚


    1. Glad you mentioned Spring. Even as I was writing, I was thinking it’s Spring that’s supposed to bring new beginnings, but that would be if we were close to nature. But nowadays, we’re closer to human/ social cycles such as the beginning of the school year. Who sees the new leaves? And “mellow fruitfulness”? We buy fruit at the supermarket! Thanks for reading.


  14. I just wrote about fall and I feel the same way you do. There’s just something magical about this season. You probably get more of a “fall” than I do here in the South, but it’s great nonetheless!


  15. It’s funny how you posted this post about Fall just as I wrote one about Spring. I like being connected via wordpress to people on the other side of the world!
    I know what you mean about the changing of the light, sometimes it almost reflects the changes in my spirit.
    Lovely post, enjoy Autumn šŸ™‚


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