My posts will resume soon

Dear Readers,

I, like so many others, have been affected by hurricane Sandy although I was touched much, much more lightly than most. I just got back my internet connection (at least it seems so at the moment). I’ll resume my blog posts as soon as I can.

Thanks for the overwhelming response to my previous post.


30 thoughts on “My posts will resume soon”

  1. Good to know you’re safe. When the world flips upside down, the perspective is different. Having lived through many hurricanes, I understand some of the challenges- and I always heed the warnings. After watching TV and all the interviews about the storm victims, I urge all folks to find out Before catastrophy hits, what is your city, county, etc, emergency relief policy.


  2. Just glad to hear that you are okay. I’m sure there is probably a lot still going on up there, so stay safe, and check on any elderly or pets you might happen to know of. Glad you’re back1 πŸ˜€


  3. Glad you’re OK. In NE Ohio we were hit with lots and lots of rain and high winds but again, like you, nothing like much of the east, east coast, Appalachians and so on. I’ll be so glad to see the sun again!! Lots of power loss and down trees here as well as flooding.


  4. Glad you are okay. Been watching it on the news here in the UK; its devastating. My thoughts go out to all those struggling with the bad weather.


  5. My absolute most heartfelt feelings for the situation of you and thousands of others, it is truly devastating, and I hope everything clears up soon and without hitches! I’ll keep you all in my prayers,
    God bless!


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