Why read blogs?

Why do you read blogs?

I’ve been wondering. I’m not sure why I read blogs myself!

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Why not read articles by established opinionators, stories by reputed writers, whacky visuals on established ads, photographs taken by friends rather than unknown people, instructions on how to do something or solve a problem from established players in a field?

What desires in us, what needs does the blog form satisfy that other forms can’t? What is it doing differently?

Are blogs short and fragmentary and fit into a time slot as we are on the move doing everyday things?

Do they tell personal stories in a way that isn’t published in magazines and newspapers?

Is it the fact that blogs are mostly written by people just like us that attracts us? Not larger-than-life successful people or specialists?

Is it the attraction of interactivity that blogs provide with the comments section that makes us feel more involved? Do we establish ongoing relationships or hope to do so with the writers and other readers that keep us coming back?

Does blogging feel like a group effort even though individuals may be writing them?

Is it the fact that no one screens blogs that makes us feel like they are more authentic?

Is it because blogs are not considered a highbrow form yet, or anything overly serious that makes us venture into them as readers more easily than committing to reading an article or an essay?

What is new about the blogging experience from the reader’s point of view?


In less than twenty-four hours, I received some brilliant responses to the post above all of which came from the heart. I urge you to read them since many of them are great compositions in their own right and extend the points I brought up above and take them in interesting directions. I thank all of you for choosing “Bottledworder” to post your thoughts. Keep your thoughts coming!

102 thoughts on “Why read blogs?”

  1. My first objective why I write and read blog is to relieve stress and have one place to compiled all my wordings wants to come out from me but along the way sharing and reading others work brought inspirations and learning.


  2. All egos need stroking, no matter how small or large. I’m loving all aspects of it, but sometimes it can take over – ok, time for a hike outside!!! Thanks for the nod on a recent post of mine, “Afternoon sun hits a wall”. (Good choice for the writers’ block blues, huh?)


  3. Writing is an expression of myself to myself. Few people ever come around to comment or cheer me on. No one pays me for doing it. The motivation is internal, so for me it’s like a private journal. If anyone ever notices one of my posts, it’s an unexpected extra.

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  4. I think we read blogs for the same reason that we read, to escape and to see the world in a new way. The biggest difference between reading a blog and reading a short magazine article is that we can comment directly afterwards. And if blogger is worth their salt, they might even answer…

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  5. I like to read blogs because as you mentioned, they’re not screened which means the writer doesn’t hold back and will say exactly what they think. It’s also much more personal and quite often you’ll get replies to your comments from the writer.


  6. Because reading posts, written from a more personal perspective is always nicer than reading facts. Seeing how other people think and feel. And because they always inspire me and make me hungry for more. 🙂


  7. Convenience – it’s good to check out some of the latest entries by RSS on my computer when I have a few moments, and this is why I subscribe to blogs by RSS and not email.
    Topicality – the immediate exchange of ideas, views and thoughts.
    Interest – or call it nosiness, to see how other people live. I like the way we can connect across the world, and I’ve only discovered this since starting to blog more regularly.
    Awe and wonder – how does anyone find the time to write a blog of any length regularly and make comments, deal with technical issues etc.etc.
    This is already becoming too long a comment!


  8. Wow, lots of thought-provoking questions. I guess I’m just fascinated with life, and places and people and what makes them tick. And in my real world life most of my friends do not have the same interests as me. And here I find there are actually so many people out there that think like I do. it’s refreshing and reassuring.


  9. Wow what a lot of responses! I started reading blogs when a friend told me his photographer daughter blogged. I got hooked, almost like a series on tv. what were her kids up to now, type of thing, only always with a funny twist. I decided that I would try it to start a writing career after I retired. The more I wrote, them more I read. The content is what attracts me. The personalities are what keep me coming back. The comments are when make us friends. 🙂


  10. Thinking about that one . . it started as a prompt for my creativity. An opportunity to play with words and thoughts in a new way – I believe there is a lot more to be discovered about why me and why now.


  11. I love reading blogs because they are raw and real. Two blogs I read this morning had me in tears of sadness and two more had me in tears of laughter. It’s like looking into shards of people’s lives 😉


  12. I read blogs because they are written by real people. They’re not talking to a “target audience,” or trying to push an agenda. They’re real and honest. They share pieces of themselves which they may find harder to do with people in their real lives – I know that this is true for me.
    When I post I’m not afraid to put myself out there, and I believe that most bloggers are the same. It’s a humbling and inspiring experience. I read blogs because it helps me write. I read blogs because I see a side of humanity I don’t get to see otherwise. I interact with people all over the world, something I wouldn’t do outside of blogging.
    I have built up a blogging community, the likes of which I wouldn’t be able to replicate in my non-virtual world. Each and every single blogger has added to my spectrum of understanding and knowledge. And I thank each one of them for that.


  13. Blogs of course come in all ‘sizes,’ and I like some for their common and folksy appeal. I particularly enjoy the posts, like yours, that give some depth and uniqueness to the subject of which they’re written. For the most part I read and write posts for connections. You see, I work at being a writer, have nine books written so far and think they’re good to very good — allowing the ego an upper rating range. At this point in my life, my writing and the process itself, satisfies me immensely, and there is no greater joy than grouping some words together that say exactly what it is I’m trying to say. That should be and likely is enough for me. The process in and of itself mystifies and pleases me, even when there is no rich rewards from a reader buying frenzy — and, naturally, that kind of virus would overwhelm me with delight…never too old to dream! So, I read blogs for possible connections to people who might like my writing, and for the ‘shopping’ experience, that is, to find bloggers, writers, who turn on my motor. As a final note, you do a fine job of that!


  14. For me I think the idea of throwing something out into the internet-universe like a shout into a deep cave and waiting to hear what comes back in the form of other people’s thoughts and opinions makes me feel connected to others no matter how far they actually are physically. Blogs offer an unfiltered perspective, which for me inspires me but also gets me thinking outside my little me shaped box. Thanks for the post!


  15. I read blogs because I feel like they are from real people. Blogging provides a sense of community. I like to hear what people like me are thinking about something. I feel encouraged. If they can write, I can.
    My writing has improved a lot taking small steps through blogging.


  16. I was wondering if you actually read the posts you like. You liked a lot of my poems, but I noticed you did not even read them all…just liking them without even reading, to draw people to your blog ? Honest question.


    1. I “liked” your poems because I read them. Most of your poems are dark. I was struck by their realism and, well, by their seriousness.


      1. I liked the way you handle the question. I have 64 views on my blog all time with 100 likes. Suspect, however thank you for reading.

        I’ve read this post, I’m so new at blogging that I have no comment.


  17. I read blogs and write a blog for all of the same reasons as the above commentors. Because blogging does open up your world and makes you think about things with a different perspective. Also, they inform me about things I did not know. It does feel like I’m giving birth when I write a post. I also love the randomness of a blog. It’s just very inspiring to read and write. And the biggest reason is most people do it for the love of writting not for money which makes it more sincere.


  18. How many of us write blogs because if we didn’t write, we’d burst at the seams? I’m actually happiest when I’m writing, and not just whatever’s in my head but in response to what other people are discussing. When I publish a post that I’ve actually nurtured over the course of a week, wow, I feel like I just gave birth! Of course, it’s like squeezing out a fully grown adult in some ways – no diapers or back talk. It trundles out there into blog-land and hopefully makes some meaningful connections before it goes into the archive. And I also want to know about other people’s processes when they write their posts. How did you decide on your theme? How much room have you given your blog to evolve? Did you start a blog with a purpose in mind? If so, has your purpose evolved?


    1. Deciding the theme is the hardest part. When I have ideas, I jot them down in a document but sometimes am unable to develop them immediately. Sometimes the writing comes a few days later on that topic. I don’t think I have a theme for the whole blog yet.I did not start with a purpose except to express myself. The purpose is certainly evolving but too early to articulate anything concrete yet. Thanks for the questions!


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