A big thank you to all who responded to my post asking for some feedback on my blog. Several people wrote posts and I liked all of them. It was very hard to choose one but I finally chose Bubby Joys and Oys’ post to reblog here as I promised. I also liked Electronicbaglady’s Bag of Bits’ post for her valuable advice.

Bubby Joys and Oys (Miriam) has worked as a literature and writing teacher and a music thrapist. She is a mother and a grandmother and a mother-in-law too. Miriam is also an author of a book on her joys as a grandmother. I find her blog engaging, often upbeat, conversatonal and fun to read. Her language has a lot of Jewish lingo which might puzzle the uninitiated at first but she has a very helpful glossary on them with a promise that “you will be able to pretend you are Jewish” by the time you get through it 🙂 Thank you Miriam for your post.

Bubby Joys and Oys

Many of us bloggers read other blogs that are out there in cyberspace. Some of these blogs are written by friends or acquaintances of ours, and others are written by total strangers – blogs we just come across, or “stumble upon” to use a social media buzzword.

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    1. Thanks Charmaine and Cathy… I came here first and saw your posts. And a huge thank you to Bottledworder (BW henceforth!! :)), for your wonderful and kind comments. I am honored and overwhelmed -( I feel as if I won a prize!!!) I hope you continue for a long time to inspire all of us readers who appreciate your wisdom and excellent writing. It’s great that all of us can learn from each other — with each of us offering our own unique take on life through our own personality. Okay, I”m rambling….:) Have a good night and week…Thanks again!!


        1. Hi again,- I wrote a post on my blog (yesterday or the day before) called “Pay It Forward” which is a take-off on your idea of asking for feedback from readers. fyi – 🙂 Miriam


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