Words, wit and writing

For the past few weeks, I was posting quotations that I like on my Facebook page.

Many of them were from my witty friend Oscar Wilde. Then I thought why not quote Bottledworder? All I need to do is to look inside. So here are some words of wisdom from BW’s Good Angel and Bad:

  • The best writing happens when you’re not trying to make the best writing happen!
  • But to type, you need to strive.
  • When it fits, it fits.
  • But to get it, you need to sit on it.
  • When readers get it,they get it.
  • But to make an idea fly, you need to try.
  • You don’t care, if the world is fair.
  • But they’ll visit, if you persist.
  • Just do it.

That last one though is not Bottledworder’s! (It’s about shoes, not writing.)

Good or Evil?
Good or Evil? (Photo credit: Furryscaly)

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14 thoughts on “Words, wit and writing”

  1. Always a good post. I just typed The End to my latest book The Catch and went back in to the text to find a place to write another line. The scent of magnolias would always be ruined by the smell of blood pooling at my feet. I guess you’d have to be there. A moment in the life of a writer.


  2. Oh, I love this post. I just wrote a post the other day quoting myself from a previous post, and I thought “How narcissistic can I possibly get???” but now here I am, getting validation from your blog for doing it 🙂 Thanks!


  3. “But they’ll visit, if you persist.”
    It’s been my experience that ‘sadly’ many new to blogging give up in the first few month due to a reluctance to persist…. I persisted, and now am very happy I did so…. Sometimes this is all it takes; a consistent effort..!


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