15 thoughts on “Dinner and a movie–alone!”

  1. I am in Hawaii and have lost track of time! So happy Monday since I am late seeing your post! I love being alone by the way, but I am sure it is because I have teenage sons still at home.


  2. Many people don’t like being alone. They are uncomfortable with themselves and need validation that they are alive, attractive, or doing well. Therefore, it is impossible for them to understand that some of us prefer solitude. I’m not lonely when I’m alone. Nice to know there’s two of us! πŸ™‚


  3. I rarely enjoyed “alone” outings until I had my first baby. From then until my youngest (recently) started school, I was rarely alone, and the opportunity to go out–with or without friends–became (as baltic4jim p said above) rejuvenating. I discovered the pleasure of clothes shopping (even grocery shopping!) without someone clamoring for attention, the luxury of eating something without anyone asking to share, and (best yet) fly on an airplane while able to read my book/magazine/listen to music uninterrupted. Now that I get alone time five days a week, I don’t crave it so much, but it’s still enjoyable.


  4. I remember going to see a film by myself once, after having a petite steak dinner and wine. I found it to be a wonderful experience, considering I ran into an old flame who was also at the movies, by himself. We talked and hung out going to some popular night spots…..so, yes there are some perks to spending the night with yourself, but hanging out with close friends is also good.


  5. I like going to films with friends, but only good friends. I don’t think I could go to the cinema with just any old random person; I’m way too much of a fan of commenting about things to someone that a) I’d have to resist texting someone on my own or b) if just any old person was with me, they’d get annoyed. But I’ve known people who go on their own, and I can see the appeal.

    Back in October, I had two free tickets to go to a theme park. Due to circumstances, I couldn’t find anyone to go with me. Deciding not to waste them, I went by myself. And I got some weird looks. I gave the spare ticket to two teenagers getting ready to buy tickets, and felt really good about it. I then went into the park and had a brilliant day. No arguments over which rides to go on, and ended up chatting to some random, nice people too. It was…liberating. And people still don’t believe me about that.


  6. It took me a long time, but I’m finally able to travel alone. I’ve gotten to prefer it. One of my favorite indulgences is taking the train to New York to see a play. Alone. (You can usually snag very good single tickets at the last minute, too.) As for dining alone, I pull out a pen and paper. Make them think I’m either a famous author or a restaurant critic


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