“We’re all mad here.”

“Who in the world am I? Ah, that’s the great puzzle.”
― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

Every now and then, a comment will make you smile. Here’s one on my post Must you keep blogging Mr. Blogger by inconspicuouscreation totally summing up some of the stuff I write:

Bottledworder: a blogger who blogs about blogging for the benefit of other blogging bloggers. For who else bothers to browse blogs besides bloggers? It’s the best way to burnish the badges of blogging bragadoccio. :-)

Touché Sir inconspicuouscreation .

apple-common illustration
apple-common illustration (Photo credit: HikingArtist.com)


8 thoughts on ““We’re all mad here.””

  1. Just wrote a Recipe for Madness for the DPChallenge and this morning I ordered another “We are all mad here” shirt because my other one has a hole in it for wearing it so much. I need it. It’s my secret weapon for getting through the school year. I’m a teacher….


  2. What grabbed me was your Alice In Wonderland title. What made me stay is that yes you write about blogging, but you do it so well! I am so happy I became a fan & then realized a blogging truth: the level of dedication it takes to write even when you don’t FEEL like it because you owe it to your fans who then insist (nay, demand) frequency. Therein lies my current bloggy conundrum. To write interesting posts, I have to live. But living gets in the way of producing the very posts my fans crave. Ugh. Catch 22 at its bloggy best.
    Thanks for the continual supportive inspiration! Now, blog some more… k?


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