To myself

I simply decided to write for writing’s sake today. No ideas, no context, no organization with little attention to style. While the rest of the world seems to demand a topic, an awareness of an audience, perhaps a point to the whole exercise, my blog is the only place I can breathe a little, think of as my own little corner in a largely point-driven world, literary or otherwise where I can simply chat, if only with myself.

Chaos is bad. Order is good. Rambling on is bad. Being to the point is good. Thinking before speaking is good. Speaking before thinking not so good.

Yet today, those who have made a point and those that have been pointless, the ramblers and the wasters of time seemed to have reached the same place.

So today I want to simply say that I’d rather just be.

I was quite fortunate to have grown up surrounded by randomness. Random reading, random writing, perhaps some imitation of the greats. But life in the form of the essay in 5 paragraphs? Arguments? Counterarguments? The thesis statement in a sentence? Freewriting and brainstorming creeping up on the unsuspecting mind to be twisted and tied and hammered into the introduction, the body, the conclusion to suit someone somewhere who is looking for something?

. . . ’tis a base
Abandonment of reason to resign
Our right of thought — our last and only place
Of refuge; this, at least, shall still be mine:
Though from our birth the Faculty divine
Is chain’d and tortured — cabin’d, cribb’d, confined,
And bred in darkness, lest the Truth should shine
Too brightly on the unprepared mind

So I’ll just write for myself today.


The quote is from here.

17 thoughts on “To myself”

  1. I like structure, it helps me to move forward in my life and not stay in one place, but even I have moments when I need to let go and “just be”. I think that phrase was my favorite part of this post. As for blogging, I used to struggle with daily posting until I stopped trying so hard to do it. Now I post daily because I’m just posting what I want…Who knows how long it will last.
    Thanks for sharing this.


  2. I used to worry so much posting on my own blogs, but lately, I have realised that my blog is my playground, and if there is one person I should please, it should be me first. Thank you for always writing these thoughtful posts; I like knowing I am not ‘alone’ on this writing journey 🙂


  3. I think randomness has a way of making its own meaningful connections and can be the mother of much that is truly original. Rambling is randomness unleashed, like travelling without a map. You find interesting places down the byways you never thought to explore before.


  4. I think if we ought to write anything, we ought to write it without an audience in mind. Free spin it, allow the juices of creativity to blossom at it will.


  5. Yes, great point. JUST kidding.
    Look where all these oh-so-important people who have so many oh-so-important points to make have gotten this world so far. I’m with you. Recently my blog has gone from war to suicide prevention to poetry to … hummingbirds. I think I’m headed in the right direction, as far as finding the point.
    Thanks for being such a superb and thoughtful blogger who every once in a while doesn’t have to *do* anything. Have a good weekend being.


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