Who are you, reader?

A long time ago I wrote two very funny posts which were on how to date geeks. Till date, those posts have got some of the highest hit counts out of all the posts I typed up.

I guess people have figured that hitting on a web page that talks about how to hit on a geek is perhaps a close approximation to hitting upon an idea on how to hit on a real geek.

All I can say is that no one would have found any practical dating advice on my blog. Yet, as a side effect, my follower count rose quite sharply since I published those posts.

I haven’t written a single other post either on geeks or on dating. So I often wonder what happened to those readers who subscribed to my blog expecting more on geeks or at least more humorous writing. Were they disappointed?

My impatient mind has been jumping from topic to topic through the life of this blog, now writing about a memory triggered by something that happened, now noting my stray thought on some aspect of social media, now expressing my perspective on the city I live in or on a city I visited, now posting some pictures and now simply chatting with my readers.

reading_a_book_all_alone__rp_starter__by_ask_lightningrocker-d6nqq1hReaders keep dropping by, showing their likes, leaving their comments. Many pass by silently. The material I publish here is broad and it attracts a broad range of readers. A variety of topics sets me free but what does it do for readers?

I suspect that some readers are college students, some are older reading when they have leisure. Some, I suspect, read on phones on their way to work or maybe before they go to sleep.

One of the important features that sets a blog apart from other genres of writing is that it is a dynamic form that not only has the capacity to change over time but also to incorporate readers’ ideas in its own development. It can shape itself based on readers’ reactions. One of the resolutions I made for the blog this year is to become a little more involved in the blogosphere and try to make this space a little more interactive.

I decided to begin the year with knowing a little bit more about you, about who you are and why you come here.

So reader, who are you? Have you written a post introducing yourself? Do you want to write one? What kinds of blogs do you read? Why do you blog? What first drew you to the blogosphere?

I’d like to know.

If you write a post especially in response to my curiosity and post a link below, I’d be honoured. If you already have a page that will lead me to you, do post a link below. Or you can simply write a few lines if you like.

I’ll wait eagerly to see what you have to say.

Note: The post I talked about above is How to date a Geek man: Advice to non-geek women, not the one selected by WordPress below.

74 thoughts on “Who are you, reader?”

  1. I can’t remember how I found your blog, but I liked it right away. I don’t always have to read it as much as I may like, but I read it because it feels very natural, real, and personal. I write an author blog where I talk about my writing, but I also talk about what I’m reading and lots of geek stuff…I missed your original geek post. Guess now is a good time to check it out.


  2. Thank you for this – through your post and the subsequent comments, I have found a new blog to follow. It’s surprisingly difficult to find other voices you connect to on the internet – or perhaps I just don’t know where to look – but anyway, it’s something to celebrate when you do.

    I think I originally started blogging to ‘build a platform’ (for that day in the probably far-off future when I have a book for sale) and if I’m completely honest that’s part of the reason I still do it but I think it’s more about sharing with the world these days – thoughts, opinions, etc. These days I’ve noticed I tend to blog when I’m angry about something.

    My very first post was an introduction to me. Here’s a link: http://louisebroadbentfiction.wordpress.com/2010/05/16/story-so-far/

    I follow your blog because you’re thoughtful, what you write about is well thought out and makes me think, and you express it incredibly well. Often I’m in genuine awe of your posts.


  3. Every voice in the world is valid. But I’m cautious about saying that keeping a blog is a definitive view of life. A persona is presented and marketed to fit its audience so often I find myself editing aspects to come to the crux of a truth that is both positive and (sometimes) funny. There are choices each blog writer is consciously making. In addition, we are ever-changing, evolving–so too our points of view. It is interesting to revisit prior posts, for example, just to see if you agree with yourself
    later on.
    For the record, I’ve been blogging since 2005. http://mema13.WordPress.com


  4. I’m enjoying your blog. Mine is all over the map. Mostly I post things I’ve written with intent, but sometimes I just improvise, trying to make folks smile or laugh. It isn’t very interactive, but I find myself enjoying the blogs that are. Maybe I’ll do more of that. We’ll see. Time is precious these days. Like you alluded to earlier in replies to this thread, life ain’t a dress rehearsal.

    I really appreciate your “like.” It’s always nice when someone smiles at something I’ve writtern.


  5. Yours was the sixth blog I began to follow after I became a “blogger”. I found it through Freshly pressed, not knowing any other way of finding blogs. Now I hardly ever read anything featured there!
    I must be in the same age group as mud fur and feathers who commented above.
    I have commented on this blog more than once, so am not a complete stranger here. Perhaps the virtual equivalent of someone you meet on the way to work the days you are running late! 😉 Sue


    1. It’s nice everytime our paths cross suesconsideredtrifles.
      I remember when those FP days were exciting. I too don’t visit FP anymore both because it’s not the default page when you log in and also because the quality and layout doesn’t seem to be what it was before perhaps because WP has decided its purpose is not to become a magazine.


  6. Sometimes like there just has to be a place to share perspectives, visual and oral. When your kids are grown and gone, and your spouse and the TV provide you with your only means of communication (except for the two cats and 6 birds )- where else can you turn except to blogging? I enjoy writing, love reading and hope to reach others who feel the same way. Prepare for some changes here, too! Thanks for the opportunity to express myself. Hope to hear from you.


    1. That’s a nice description of your life and may I say that even when you haven’t reached that age, the creatures that you describe may turn out better companions than their human counterparts? 🙂 I’d read their blogs if they could write.


  7. I think blogs change as their owners change. I’m not in the same place I was when I started my blog. I’ve changed some of my views and I’m prepared to reveal more of myself. I’ve changed my About page once. Maybe I should do it again.


  8. I think I started following you after you ‘liked’ one of my posts. I have to admit, I’m not a regular reader of your blog, but an inspired one nonetheless. The best part about your writing, other than the obvious fluidity and wonderful language is that it instills a very positive feeling. It is not lofty or intimidating. It is not superficial either. It has a kind of profoundness that makes you feel at ease. That’s why I stop by whenever I can. Keep writing.


    1. Thanks for your feedback. I’ve often wondered if the “positive feeling,” as you say, in my style, tends to veer towards superficiality. I’m more used to a more academic, “intellectual” style but if you say it works, I’ll continue. . .


  9. I definitely did not find you through your geek post! My first look at your blog made me want to come back for more. My blog is a lot of interpersonal writing. I am not sure if that is a good thing or not, but I do feel like my life experiences may help others. I have battled several medical issues and my son has too along with some depression. I try to place a positive spin on my life circumstances and let others know there is always hope. The benefit I get from your posts are that they help me be a better writer. Thank you.
    I am going through losing a relationship after almost a quarter of a century at present. I have my own spin on it through my writing: http://alesiablogs.wordpress.com/2014/01/04/light-coming-through/


  10. I’m not 100% sure on why I started following you. Perhaps you came up as a suggestion. When I first came across your blog, I do remember laughing at something you wrote and how inspired it made me feel. You have a style of writing which is fresh and unhindered by outside influences which I liked, and this has kept me coming back for more. I keep reading you because of your humour and your questioning mind which in many ways resonates with mine.

    When I first signed up on WP it was out of sheer curiosity and a place of new discovery. Initially, I thought that I’d give my hand a chance in writing, and seeing if I had a voice that was uniquely my own. I started off with an intention to discover my own voice (if I had one) and then I got too busy (work) and being in front of a PC for 8hrs, responding to emails and on occasion writing mundane government standard words, quashed any writing enthusiasm I had.

    Now, I no longer have work as an excuse, having recently semi-retired from it. I’ve still yet to get inspired and find myself reading more and writing less, and each time I read another blog, I am in awe of the various styles that are expressed, and the clarity and seamless flow of words on the pages I read leave me feeling spell bound and wishing I had that kind of inspiration, motivation, drive and enthusiasm to write it down.

    Nevertheless, you are entertaining and you are effortless to read. This is why I keep returning to your pages.

    Keep writing!!!



  11. I am a new follower of yours, I think you liked one of my posts and so I looked into your blog and started following you. This was part of a conscious effort by me to start reading more blogs. So far I have really enjoyed backtracking through your posts and those of the other writers I am now following and observing the writing journey that so many are on. As I am the only person I know who writes a blog it’s nice to see myself and my thoughts and ideas reflected in so many other people’s blogs.


  12. I was drawn to your drawing of a display picture on gravatar. First I thought the colours were awful. But anyway, I started reading your posts and it was an instant follow! Definitely one of the better bloggers out there. Glad I found this site… Oh I think my underlying passion to write made me want to blog, and boy is the community of the blogosphere excellent! I’m commenting from my smartphone but click “about” on http://thesydblog.com or http://esswhytech.com and you’ll find some more answers! Peace!!!


  13. OK, you asked……. big mistake!
    “So reader, who are you? Have you written a post introducing yourself?”
    Yes I have……. http://araneus1.wordpress.com/about/

    “What kinds of blogs do you read?”
    Yours and photography blogs, particularly the ones who like to talk about ‘how, when and where’ they got that shot.
    Really good short story [and not so short] blogs.
    Blogs that write well about the places they come from.
    Blogs that write well about the everyday lives they live.
    Blogs that write well about ideas.
    Blogs that like to write about writing.

    “Why do you blog?”

    I have been a photographer for a very long time and I like having a place where I can show my best and have them appreciated.

    I love to write and posting the stories I write helps me to understand what works and what does not work. I need the feedback and my ego loves it when I get it right.

    “What first drew you to the blogosphere?”

    I wanted a place to carry on the work I had started with my first non-fiction book, and it grew from there.

    ****** That will teach you to ask such interesting questions.
    Warmest regards,


  14. I am just your run of the mill wife, mother, grandmother, I prefer nanna to grandmother just saying. I have no job hang on that isn’t right I have a job I am a mother and nanna and that is a full time job and I love it. I read many types of blogs some funny, some informative, some with lots of pretty pictures. I write about my family and anything else that pops into my mind I have two blogs and rarely will I post the same thing on both blogs


  15. Hello! To find out more about me, you can take a glimpse at my blog, http://sowenswrites.com. I believe you’ve been there before, and that’s how I ended up checking out your blog. I think interaction is one of the best things about blogging, and it’s amazing to me that for the most part, WordPress is a space where I’m excited to read the comments on posts, rather than shying away from them. I’ve enjoyed the posts I’ve read from you, and am looking forward to continuing in the new year.


      1. That’s great! What area were you in? I attended college here and didn’t want to leave. 🙂 It’s a very different experience from my hometown, and I always like observing the culture of different places. 🙂


  16. I follow you since a while. I enjoy your writing style and like the fact that you come from a foreign place (like me). This is why I reblogged one of your posts about being from India. It tied well with my own experiences. I will, I’m sure do it again at some point!
    By the way, I missed your blog when you took a break a little while ago.
    Cheers to you and your readers!


    1. Thanks. 🙂
      Loved this line in your “about” page: “Readers enjoy escaping the familiar for the unknown.” We must think alike. My tomorrow’s post is about escape fantasies.


    1. Thanks for writing a whole post in response. I knew of two of your personalities (this one and Slo Man) but I didn’t know you had two others. In some ways, that’s like A Clown on Fire (http://clownonfire.com/). I learned a bit myself from the “What Kind of Blogs do you Read” section just now.


  17. Hi there, Bottleworder. This is interesting! The visit rate of own blog is maintained by a piece I wrote on how to cure verrucas with tea tree oil. If I may, I might borrow your idea on dating (tongue in cheek of course) – something to the effect of “Dating the crusty older writer”, perhaps, and see if I can boost things further – with my blog I mean.

    As for me, I think I’m like you in that my blog is fairly eclectic. We write about whatever has inspired us. I enjoy the freedom of it, but like you I’m often surprised by what attracts the reader’s eye the most. When I look at the list of blogs I follow, there’s no clear pattern either – my interests are fairly broad, but it’s the voice that attracts me. Interesting, witty, knowledgeable, stimulating – the kind of people you might like to meet in real life and have a conversation with. I find so many blogs are horribly sterile, consisting of farmed content, reblogs or loosely disguised attempts to sell me something. It’s great to find one that’s genuinely chatty, and makes me want to hold onto it by following.


    1. “….but it’s the voice that attracts me. Interesting, witty, knowledgeable, stimulating – the kind of people you might like to meet in real life and have a conversation with”

      Yes, I agree. I should feel that the blogger has a personality and a voice. Conversation – that’s what I want!


  18. Hi BW,
    I have to admit I forget how I came to be following your blog but I’m glad I did! I like reading a good mix of posts – single theme blogs get a bit dull for me after a while. I love your writing style (envy is really the word I should use). Feeling sorry I missed the geek posts so will seek them out!
    My own blog is pretty much the random thoughts of a middle aged English woman, but often I talk about peace or poetry or projects, Sometimes I talk abut things that don’t begin with P as well.
    I am at http://electronicbaglady.wordpress.com/
    Thanks for posting and making the blogosphere a better place 0 Happy New Year


  19. Fabulous post for the new year! Hmmm, I don’t remember how I found your blog. Haven’t read the post(s) on geeks/dating. I keep coming back, keep reading, because you cover a variety or topics, your posts are sometimes funny, sometimes beautiful, always well written, My blogroll covers a spectrum, writing blogs, writer’s blogs, cooking, parenting, health, self improvement, humor…and in many ways that’s a good representation of Mrs Fringe–a little of this, a pinch of that. Life. At this point I created a “Favorites” page to give new readers an idea/quick links to the topics I ramble about. I’ve got several posts where I talk about blogging, why I do and what I’m aiming for. I’ll link a few, let me know if you want me to edit and only link one… http://mrsfringe.wordpress.com/2012/12/11/blogging-with-a-scarlet-b/ http://mrsfringe.wordpress.com/2012/11/26/self-aware-or-self-involved/ http://mrsfringe.wordpress.com/2013/06/15/alert-the-authorities/


    1. Thanks Mrs Fringe. I opened up all four posts and am in the process of reading them. I’ve been reading you for a while and clicked the follow button today. I know you’ve been reading me for a while too! (WordPress did indeed filter this. I had to find the comment and approve.)


  20. I think I found your blog after visiting when you commented on mine (I don’t remember when, but it’s been a while now.) I ended up subscribing because I like your ‘voice’. I like a variety of topics (though not really dating…I’ve been married for nearly seventeen years.) I have 2 school-aged kids, but I don’t seek out ‘mommy blogs’ – I generally like things that make me laugh, make me think, or make me wish I’d had the insight to write it.

    My blog is a mixed bag, sometimes funny, other times serious, some poetry, lots of flash fiction, some reflections on life. I’ve often wondered why people subscribe or come back to read it, but I’ve never thought to actually ask!

    I update my “About” page each year, which tells more than anyone would ever want to know about me. http://jannatwrites.wordpress.com/about-me/

    Sorry, I don’t know how to link in a comment…

    Keep writing, I’ll keep reading 🙂


  21. Here is a brief intro for me :http://t.co/FR1S4tuV6q
    I read…because I could not read until I was in the 6th grade. IT IS A Privilege to be an avid reader today…for it paves the way for growth and knowledge. I read you because Like ME when you write, YOU are present in the article. Not meaning the topic, your personality, your opinion, your view, your personality, YOUR PIECES of the PUZZLE are revealed. I write to reveal those pieces I have found along my own crazy walk in this thing called Life. Great topic and it is nice to meet you.


  22. Hi Bottledworder,
    I don’t think I read your posts on geeks, but I’m married so they wouldn’t have helped unless they would apply to being married to a geek!

    I am 57, married with three grown children, and a a clinical social worker in private practice. I started my blog as a project to help me be more creative and as an adventure.

    Like you, I wonder who reads my blog and why. As far as what blogs I read,the best I can say is that I seem to follow blogs that speak to me, where I can get a sense of who the person really is, and if I think I might like to know them in real life.

    This was a great idea for a post; hope you will get some interesting replies!


    1. I am fascinated by the fact that you pursued a career in law and IT and kept your reading and writing as an additional pursuit, something a little bit more than a hobby. I think in many circumstances this is wise. There is nothing so disillusioning as a hobby turning into work.


  23. I like your blog because of your varying content and presentation. The NY pictures tugged at my heartstrings, and, as an English and Speech teacher, your blogs on writing are most interesting to me. I am a new blogger, and I’m eclectic in my choices, from philosophy to humor to travel to remembrances, so the people I follow,and who are kind enough to follow me, are constant sources of discovery and surprise and enjoyment.


    1. I read your “about” page. You seem to have lived in a lot of places, all fascinating to me. You seem to have shuttled between NY and CA which is something common between us.


  24. Uh…can I just say Ditto to nancytinarirunswrites? I agree with everything she said!
    I will add that I enjoy ALL your stuff, but the Geek dating advice made me smile 🙂
    Hope you are having a good New Year!~


  25. Im new here and I followed random blogs that seemed to speak out to my weird taste of writings (im the weird one, not you) I read blogs that stitch up words to create an impact me (which means your blog is one of them) i blog because i so dont want to torture my hands by racing with my thoughts on the paper and pen….its a modern world so i post my thoughts on my blog http://thepinkcloudinthesky.wordpress.com/
    so i hope you took time read this. thanks 🙂


    1. Loved what you wrote about there being a possibility of stories in the people we meet in our daily lives: “the world is filled with unknown stories and it is not our job to just look and judge. It’s our job to seek and understand. ”

      That’s why I too decided to start writing the daily–there is no point waiting for the universe to stop and stare at a phenomenal event that one might make happen one day–while all the little stories bloom and fade right around us uncaptured and unsung.


  26. I might take you up on your offer and write a post about me and why I’m writing but I might hold off on that for a while. I suppose that the About page on http://nofacilities.com can suffice for now.

    I did write a post about why I follow you, and I think you might actually be one of the ones I discovered through the process I was talking about in: http://nofacilities.com/2013/06/09/confusing-the-algorithms-and-following-you/

    The reason I will hold off for a while on the why me/why now/ why this/why that post is because I covered some of that in my Thanksgiving post: http://nofacilities.com/2013/11/25/thanks/

    For a short answer to one of your questions, I think I follow people based on their writing style. Even if the topic is of no or little interest, if the person can explain it well or wrap it in an interesting story, I’m likely to keep reading. That is how I try to write too.


  27. I read your blog because you’re an excellent writer and you show your personality in your writing. I’m interested in many of the same topics as you write about: the act of blogging itself, the relationships we form through our writing on the Internet, and the technical aspects of good writing. I like the reflective tone of many of your pieces and the way you seek to actively engage readers.
    I can’t remember how I first found your blog–maybe it was because you “liked” one of my posts. I would say the main thing that made me follow you and continue to read many of your posts, regardless of your topic, is the quality of your writing. Thank you!


    1. Thank you so much. You seem to have followed my blog pretty closely. I value my reflective pieces a lot but in the process of writing them, I do end up thinking a lot about writing itself. In my daily life, I’m often accused of talking to myself, of asking questions aloud and then answering them myself–an activity that’s seemingly pointless. As far as speculating about writing is concerned, I thought why waste those thoughts? Put them on the blog.

      I love how you say that “our lives are packed with stories” on your blog. I am honoured that someone who trained for the Olympics and had the drive to go back to school later in life (as I grow older I realize that the latter might require as much perseverance and courage as the former) has been reading my blog. Thank you.


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