Two posts I liked this week

Sometime ago I wrote a post on Bottledworder called Three reasons I like to read not so well known blogs. In it I explain why I sometimes prefer obscure writers to already established ones.

I still like to wander around on my own tasting the blogosphere.  I like to do these ramblings on my own as much as possible without pointers from the Freshly Pressed folk or others who are doing an excellent job but probably have their own criteria for selection. As a reward, now and then I come up with gems.

You are welcome to visit Bottledworder’s Facebook page and post links to your own blog posts or to those of others that you like!

Here’s what I found this week:

I. She thought, she wrote. by florenceadvocate

If I was to die tomorrow, would you think think of me today?
Would you like to hold my hand and tell me I’ll be okay.
I may not be the prettiest or the fairest of them all.
But I would love you better than anyone.
If you gave me a chance at all.

II. Who I Read and Why by SeattleAuthor

Here’s a sample from the post:

“When writers read–be it a book, an article, or sometimes even a headline–we study, parse, and edit. We re-word what we read (“It would be better like this”), we laugh out loud at ugly phrases (“He threw up his hands”), and we will kick a book across the room before we’ll read another page filled with moronic characters and Swiss cheese plots.

This can take a lot of the enjoyment out of reading, but on the flip side, there are joys in reading only writers can experience.”


17 thoughts on “Two posts I liked this week”

  1. I find blogs sometimes through links on the blogs I currently read. if I like your blog, then I am willing to give the ones you like a try, kind of like word of mouth. There are so many wonderful, wonderful blogs out there. I regret I don’t have time to find and read them all.


  2. Wouldn’t it be nice to think that that’s how all the ‘super-blogs’ started off? Though I wonder if the writing changes (intentionally or not) if one knows they’re writing to an audience, rather than to the void.


      1. I’m only recently ‘following’ blogs. with any real earnestness. I don’t yet know what I expect out of these relationships, but don’t we follow blogs for who they are? Not who they think we want them to be? It hurts my head.


    1. Hmmm…. Well, have I got a treat for you!! 🙂

      But seriously, I’d like to understand why you do that. I actually don’t use that as a criteria ( I read Bottledworder, for instance, regularly). There are some blogs with thousands of interactions that I don’t care for and also some that are lonely little things and deservedly so. Conversely some great blogs with lots of comments and other great ones with very few.


  3. I use keyword searches to find blogs that interest me. Sometimes I stumble on wonderful surprises, connections I wouldn’t normally make and those not likely to show up on Freshly Pressed. It’s like a little treasure hunt.


  4. I really like finding random blogs as well, just because I feel like it’s a labor of love or hobby for some of us, so any feedback is absolutely appreciated. Seeing some page count views from random places tends to give you a great feeling inside as a writer.

    Plus, reading someone else’s thought process on a similar subject helps broaden your horizons.


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