Dear Friends:

Hope all of you are well and keeping up with your blogs. Thanks for your concern on my Facebook page regarding what on earth may have happened to me. It’s true that when a nameless, faceless person disappears from the interweb, it’s as if the person never was. Only the blog remains like the smile of the Cheshire cat.

But I am indeed alive and somewhat kicking!

It is perhaps a cliché to say that life is a journey. But would it be such a cliché to say that a blog is a journey too? My blog has accompanied my life in its travels through hills and valleys, nooks and corners, the bright sides and the dark sides like a little murmuring brook on the roadside that has spoken to me as well as you. A blog like this isn’t exactly true in that it hardly ever records facts and yet it isn’t exactly false in that it does hold up a very distant and distorted mirror to the lights and shades of life.

This blog has been a tiny home for me in a changing world that I’ve been able to come back to from time to time. It houses the mirrors that reflect the flame that lights this tiny space but must also show the darkness below the lamplight when it’s time to say nothing.  Both sound and silence are necessary to meaningful speech and the last couple of weeks were just that here–silent.

Why? Just because.

Hope to meet you old and new readers more frequently here on this platform soon.


16 thoughts on “Hello”

  1. I noticed, and had to check to make sure I was still ‘following’ you! Like you, my blog has experienced periods of silence. Recently I was speaking with another blogger, and I commented that I will let a few months lapse in between posts, and was concerned the effect that had on my readers. Her words? “Then that will make your posts all the more valued.” Better to speak when you have something to say, than to flounder when you don’t have something to discuss.

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  2. I too, have been going through a period of “blog silence” and been asked repeatedly and with genuine concern, if I am “all right.” I have felt guilty and worried that I didn’t keep my part of the bargain, and disappointed in myself that after three consistent years I have allowed life to intervene and swallow up the part of my life which is so important. I make promises to myself and break them. And then feel ineffectual and worse. It helped to know that, for whatever reason, you too have been on a blog break. But especially your words that both sound and silence are necessary. Thank You.

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