From eleven-year-old Bottledworder

You all have been reading Bottledworder for the past two years. Thought you might enjoy something I chanced upon covered in brown paper tied with a jute string this week.

They were old exercise books. Peeking out of one of them was an old, yellowed exam sheet with the words Better English, Class V-A on top.

Not ashamed to say the word “good” was written in red with my English teacher’s signature on the front. However, I seemed to have scored only 26.5 out of a possible 30 in the whole test.

Here’s where I lost a point-and-a-half of those missing 3.5! Not ashamed to admit, again, that I’m wondering, even after all these decades, what I was supposed to write for a full 5.

Ms. R, if you ever chance upon my blog, could you please explain? 🙂

What is the most beautiful scene you have ever seen? Describe it in a single paragraph.

Never have I seen a more lovely sight than the sunrise in the mountains. It was dark when I went outdoors. Then after a little while the sky became orange and the golden sun came out from behind the mountains. It seemed as if the mountains caught fire. The whole scenery was extremely beautiful. Then slowly it became light and day began. This is the most beautiful scenery I have seen in my eleven years [] life.

The sheet is frayed and yellow. The colour didn't quite come across in the white light.
The sheet is frayed and yellow. The colour didn’t quite come across in the white light.

14 thoughts on “From eleven-year-old Bottledworder”

    1. 🙂 In the Indian school system, there is a train of thought in teaching which does not allow for a full score in subjects like English as opposed to subjects like Math. The logic is what if someone of the stature of a Shakespeare or a Tagore took the same exam? If you put a full score on a student’s essay, what would you give them?


  1. Teachers can be so tough sometimes! It was a lovely piece with a first and last sentence echoing each other in a mature way for an eleven-year-old. No suprise your blog is well written! You sharpened your skills at an early age. This is the reason why we should keep some of our old papers. Thank you for sharing young BW with us.

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  2. Man, your English is a world apart from mine at age eleven—I could not have written nearly as good; illegible handwriting. Not until a gained real interest… still can’t write all capital letters in cursive.


  3. I would have given you a 1/2 off a perfect score. Chalk it up with the finding fault society we have been raised in. Always making kids strive to be more than they are. What kind of message is that? I like the message you are good enough, in fact I think you’re great. A+

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