Freshly Pressed! Times 5

I was pleasantly surprised when I opened my email! I’m going to be Freshly Pressed for Writing Memoir on Social Media.

Freshly Pressed
Freshly Pressed

I must acknowledge my debt to two people for the post: Cheri Lucas Rowlands (who also happens to be the editor who chose the piece) whose recent post brought to my attention The New Yorker article by Dani Shapiro I talk about and The Boy who blew the bubbles that turned into Writing Memoir.

Please like me on my Facebook page because, well, there’s stuff that I can do on Facebook that I can’t do here on the blog.

In case you’re interested, you’ll find my other Freshly Pressed posts here.

Thank you WordPress for featuring me a fifth time. You guys are doing a great job supporting us bloggers. Besides, after the following evidence this week, I know that your Commander-in-Chief is also a blogger just as real as the rest of us :).


 Thank you readers for reading my random thoughts and my gratitude goes out especially to those readers who stuck by me through my recent hiatus.

35 thoughts on “Freshly Pressed! Times 5”

    1. Thanks Evelyne. You’re one of those readers I can always depend on to cheer me on.

      Thanks for saying these pieces are amongst my best. The writing sometimes comes and sometimes doesn’t. When it doesn’t, one can only keep trying until it does and after several pieces that read forced, one or two will come that read/s “natural” and this forum is a great place for trying.

      And then I go back and wish I could re-write it all!

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