Freshly Pressed!

Freshly Pressed
Freshly Pressed

And I am now featured on WordPress’s Freshly Pressed! Hope this post generates some more good discussion. Do Bloggers Have Choices?

The following posts were featured in the past. Can you figure out some commonality between them?

My Blog Audience

Sounds of the Blogosphere

Characters from the Inside of Your Head

23 thoughts on “Freshly Pressed!”

  1. Hello,

    First, thank you so much for the “Like” on my ranty, epilepsy post. But bloody hell! Gimme a break!

    Second, I guess congratulations? I don’t understand WP’s Orange or Grapefruit Blender Thingy. I’m not some “Super Blogger.” Far from it! I’m just…I don’t know what I am!

    Does it mean you’re important? I thought it was just “Super Bloggers” on an immediate timeline so when they sent out a post, “Ding!”

    Here it is on the “Super Blogger Post We’ve Turned Into Fruit And Now We’re Squirting It Straight Into Your Face!”

    Reason being, I somehow got on that list? A blogger friend of mine said he saw me there and I hadn’t even posted anything. He said the same for him. He hadn’t put up a post at all in days like me.

    Oh, well. At least WP is better than stupid Blogger. Erm…pardon me if there are Blogger users here. Maybe it’s gotten a bit better than when I used it a few years ago. Although, WP? One click and Migreat!

    A third point to shut myself the hell up. You asked what the three posts had in common regarding this?

    I didn’t read them because I really need caffeine right now. Probably why I’m writing like this. So, I just read the titles. Commonalities with this Freshly Squeezed Thingy.

    1. My Blog Audience
    2. Sounds of the Blogosphere
    3. Characters from Inside Your Head

    Hmmm… I think it actually means that WP is saying it’s important. Not any of its bloggers.

    PA (who REALLY hates to ALWAYS explain her sense of HUMOUR that hardly ANYONE understands.) *grins*


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