25 thoughts on “Looking for a title”

  1. Is it the weather? The time of year? Same problems here. Another writer friend 5.000 miles from here said the same in an e-mail. All kind of ideas when sleepless and “gone in the morning…”


    1. 🙂 It can hardly be the weather since it’s changed for me, I’ve moved so frequently. The more changes, the more things to write about but the less time to contemplate. Yes, maybe you’re right! Maybe it’s the weather.


  2. I get it! My head gets so FULL of things to write about, that suddenly each of those things disappear. Sometimes, if I think of a ‘thing’ when out and about, I send a text to myself to remind me. Invariably, when I look at the text later in the day, I haven’t a clue what I was thinking about…!

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  3. When faced with such a situation, one that happens often, very often, I have just started writing sentences. This has led to some interesting posts about underwear, synchronized swimming, the advent of spring and even some poetry…

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  4. This is a very familiar problem for me. A good thing that I have found is to put my music player on random, and then used the title of the song that is playing to write a story about. (Quite often, that story does not follow the actual theme of the song).
    Saying that, my work in progress is still untitled. Titles in general are a bit of a problem for me.

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  5. I’ve been there. Sometimes it’s because the things you think you’re supposed to write about is not as urgent as you think. There’s probably something else waiting to jump out.


      1. I wrote a screenplay in my teen years intended for Robert Redford and Paul Newman as elderly theives. It was crap, but I see now how it was about how I subconsciously wished for grandparents in my life.

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