Dear Blog

Dear Blog:

You are my pensieve. I think Professor Dumbledore left you here at my doorstep by mistake. I’m not going to return you.

I have Dumbledore’s Phoenix too but rising from the ashes etc. seems too much trouble. This pensieve is better. It’s easy. You turn your thoughts into silvery masses and put them in. Then you dip your head into the pensieve whenever you want to.

You can take the Phoenix back.

I’m adding all my memories here and re-experiencing them at the same time.

But my memories are tending to get too verbose. Yesterday, I wrote 2300 words’ worth of memories.

I’m in two minds about whether I should thrust that tome on you. After all, you are a blog. You’re used to the light touch.

Now this tome, it’s going to be heavy.

Perhaps I’m going to wait until the weekend.

No matter how magical you are, pensieve, you must not overflow.



The Pensieve as seen in David Yates' Harry Pot...
The Pensieve as seen in David Yates’ Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

18 thoughts on “Dear Blog”

  1. Hi! I’m still new to WordPress so I wasn’t sure where to leave a comment… Thank you for liking some of my posts. 😀 You have some really interesting posts I enjoyed reading, I look forward to more!


  2. I am your pensieve. I am bottomless. I have space and words aplenty. Give me your thoughts so you may be free to think and feel and write yet more. Do not bottle Bottledworder or old thoughts may become like spaghetti in your mind and choke off new beginnings.


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