Bottledworder’s box of suggestions: Open

Dear fellow bloggers:

Thank you for reading this blog and thank you for your invaluable comments. I thought I’d let you know that I read each and every comment very carefully and I value your advice.

You’ll have noticed that there are two major directions that the posts have come to follow on bottledworder. One thread is about my observations, memories, ideas and thoughts on a myriad subjects held together by none other than yours truly (well, Bottledworder, really).

The other thread is about writing — less of pointers really and more of sharing experiences and ideas regarding the experience of writing itself that people seem to be enjoying a discussion on. Two examples of posts of the latter variety would be In defense of purposeless writing and On learning writing through blogging (or other topics under the Most “liked” tab on the left sidebar).

So here’s a question for readers familiar or unfamiliar with my style. The regulars or the travellers who flit by my blog please do comment.

What topics would you like to see more of in the writing/ writing experience category? Share your ideas here with me (and others too) in the comments section.

If your idea resonates with me and I’m able to write a post on a topic suggested by you, I’ll acknowledge you of course with a link to your blog if you have one.

I’m looking to make these posts as much fun for readers as writing them has been for me.

Thanking you in anticipation,

Yours smiley-facedly,


37 thoughts on “Bottledworder’s box of suggestions: Open”

  1. I’d like to read your thoughts about deciding when to meticulously observe grammar / style rules and and when to flout them. Are there (underground?) rules about disregarding the rules? I’m not sure if that made sense, but it has always intrigued me.


  2. Writing and/in the City. I enjoy your city-themed posts. As one of your International readers, they feel exotic. Even though I am familiar with your city ( I am the ‘flying’ scribbler after all) I don’t live in a city. I often wonder how that informs my writing differently. So that’s two issues: American city-living, and city versus rural living and how they influence us.


  3. Lots of good ideas floating around here. As for me, I just write. A story comes in the night and in the morning I begin. As for blogging, I have a few steady projects each week. “And Then She Said” about my five year old grandest granddaughter; “A Moment With . . .” memories of my acting career; and WEWRIWA-weekend writing warriors on Sunday-posting eight sentences of works in progress or completed stories for critique. And the, th, th that’s all folks. You’re the best!


  4. I’d like to read a discussion on the success or lack of success of writers who begin writing and publishing at an early age, versus those who start much later in life. Possible points of view might be lack or support of social media, lack or support of technological advances, and age. Is this too odd?


  5. I’d be curious to read a post about writing and intimate relationships. Does writing get in the way of, or enhance your relationship with your significant other? How do you imagine they feel about the characters in your head, the ones that seem to take up so much psychic space?


      1. Oh, I’m so glad. I’ve thought about writing on the topic myself; I could interview my husband on what it’s like to live with me. Could make for a raucous post, though, and he might unsubscribe. So I’m going to leave the idea in your capable hands. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!


  6. Ooh! Sorry, I have one more idea. I just realized you love creative non-fiction/personal essays, which is my favorite genre! I find that not many people are familiar with it as a genre (honestly, the word “essay” terrifies most people).

    Could you consider doing a basic informational post explaining why this genre is so awesome or maybe discussing some of it’s more useful, interesting aspects? Or maybe how it differs from the memoir genre, which it often gets lumped with.

    Hmmm, I might have to do a post on this in the near future if you don’t! =)


  7. I’d love to hear your take on the writing advice “Show, don’t tell.” How often have you heard it? Do you find it useful? Do you find it incredibly infuriating? Do you have a better way to phrase the same general advice?


  8. I’d like to see posts about relationships.

    I really enjoy your blog (as you already know :)), so that’s a given. I enjoy your reminiscences about India, and how you compare European living, and specifically Indian culture with American, whether it is New York, California or Florida (each different from each other!)

    So continue to cover those topics – books, writing, observations of different cultures, etc.,

    And in addition to that, I would enjoy reading your insights on relationships with friends, family, acquaintances…etc. That is a favorite topic of mine. One time in particular (maybe more…but that is what I recall..) you alluded to how the younger generation in India relates to the older generation — e.g. a overbearing aunt or something would be answered without divulging but simply changing the subject (something like that).

    Anyway, I hope this is clear. Thanks again for your thought provoking blog.


      1. My pleasure, BW!

        I must confess to evidence of a “senior moment” by this grandmother’s above above comment. I must have been tired, because this morning as I’m re-reading my post I realize my mistake in Geography regarding the continent that India is in. Ouch! How embarrassing…
        Have a great day, and keep inspiring us with your writing…


  9. I am still pretty new to your blog and wonder if you’ve addressed your experiences/opinions around editing (and/or editors). Writing is a beautiful craft as a whole, yet each piece we create is developed through a process. The editing phase, which I am most passionate about, seems to hold the most angst for many writers.

    As I meet people and ask about their views and experiences with editing, I find a split down the middle between people who’d rather poke their eyes out with forks and others who appreciate/value this phase. I love editing as that is the part of the process where the smoke clears and the story/message begins to take shape… among many other reasons. 😉

    So I am curious to your view on the topic.


  10. How about tips to someone to whom English is a second language? And btw, I hope you come by my blog and join in on my little project, could turn out to be like a little catalog of ideas, not only for you, but anyone from the blogging community who would like to join in. Read more here


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