Eight great comments from April

I thought my last post  this month should be about appreciating my readers. So out of the many, many, many, many great comments, I chose the eight below from my posts in April.

They all engage with the posts, have something new to say and say it well. In order to make sense here, I also chose the ones that are self-contained to some extent but there are some great conversations on the posts themselves.

electricbohemian on Dusk on a Friday

dusk is my time too, dusk and dawn the inbetween worlds, there is a certain kind of magic.. days are just normal, same same, people rushing around not noticing anything. Dusk is forever changing, a strange colour its an anticipation of the night, where people relax and meet friends or stay in warm cosy houses full of life. I love looking at houses all lit up – I love traveling by night and I love entering cities at night too with all the lights lit up extraordinary and electric.

Rebecca Klempner on The lost art of being alone

Such a fabulous post. I think that some of us are afraid to be alone. If you are alone, you are forced into introspection, forced to entertain/stimulate/push yourself. Being alone is a stunning combination of outward rest and interior work, whereas I think everyday contemporary life is exactly the opposite: interior stagnation, exterior busy-ness.

Sophie Naz on Bloggers, Birbal and birds

When I was much younger visiting relatives in Pakistan, a crow snatched a chicken leg from my hand. I was absolutely shocked, but even then, after thinking ‘Hey! Gimme back my chicken!’ I thought that bird is freakin’ brave.

Extend the metaphor – bloggers must be brave. I only recently started blogging and I can say I’m still battling the nerves…

hritzontheedge on Bottledworder’s box of suggestions

I’d be curious to read a post about writing and intimate relationships. Does writing get in the way of, or enhance your relationship with your significant other? How do you imagine they feel about the characters in your head, the ones that seem to take up so much psychic space?

Anna Scott Graham on The lost art of being alone

It’s a fine line; I’m surrounded by my daughter’s friends who incessantly post a lot of BS, just to add to the din. Yet, there are the still, soft voices providing beauty and meaning. I’d like to think what I write gives encouragement, but maybe I’m no different than those who blather for no other reason than just to be noticed; that is my struggle, trying to separate my own chaff from the wheat. . . .

OmaOrBubby on Letter from 2199: On E Reading, Books and Learning Technologies

Hi again BW,
I read your ggg (g to the 3rd power?)’s letter again. I’m thinking of a slight technical problem. Why do we have to move ahead in time almost 200 years to “have” a great great great niece who is turning 20? Something seems off here. A great niece is a sibling’s grandchild. That is here and now (theoetically). A great great niece is a sibling’s great grandchild. (25 years later). And great great niece is 25 years after that. So how did you get to 186 years from now. I guess people live longer and have kids later in life as the years progress? Hmmm. Just a question for you bw. Am I missing something? :) thanks!!

francisguenette on Why blog?

Exactly :) You’ve nailed it – why we read. I love to read blogs because I’m able to hear a spectrum of voices, dip my toe in styles and opinions, go aha and oh no, pick up a nugget of gold and maybe shed a tear of sorrow. It’s reaching out and allowing others in. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday morning.

hilarycustancegreen on Listing the monsters of ink

The Puritan ethic: creativity is a luxury to be indulged in only when all other tasks are complete.

19 thoughts on “Eight great comments from April”

  1. Oh my thats such a nice gesture for readers..and these comments have made me go and check their blogs


  2. What a cool idea, and it really showcases the depth and breadth of your posts (and your readers). Rebecca Klempner: “interior stagnation, exterior busy-ness.” Love that.


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