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“We’re all mad here.”

“Who in the world am I? Ah, that’s the great puzzle.”
― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

Every now and then, a comment will make you smile. Here’s one on my post Must you keep blogging Mr. Blogger by inconspicuouscreation totally summing up some of the stuff I write:

Bottledworder: a blogger who blogs about blogging for the benefit of other blogging bloggers. For who else bothers to browse blogs besides bloggers? It’s the best way to burnish the badges of blogging bragadoccio. :-)

Touché Sir inconspicuouscreation .

apple-common illustration
apple-common illustration (Photo credit: HikingArtist.com)


Writing and experience

It was as if I was right there.

I felt like I was there with you.

Can’t wait to visit the spots you’ve written about.

Perhaps it was a post about the city in the hot Summer. Perhaps it was about the quiet night. Perhaps it was about a park I had spent the afternoon in.

I’ve been posting about many things every few days but often, when I write about a place or a time of day or a moment, people respond with such lovely words. Then I know exactly what readers were thinking as they read my piece. Such words feel refreshing like balm to my writerly senses.

But why? Why do I love these reactions where readers talk about visualizing a scene or feeling a place along with me (other than the fact that they are positive comments, of course)? Continue reading Writing and experience

A Duel of words on blogging


Readers add so much to blog posts. Often, readers’ comments turn out more interesting than a post itself. Occasionally, comments give rise to a dialogue between readers regarding a position that the original post touched upon which might have great potential for a discussion.

I had two such comments on my last post How to write a successful blog post where two readers took up two opposing positions regarding the relationship of blogging to writing. I thought their conversation has great possibilities for a discussion. What do you think?

Miss Molly:

Blogging is not writing. We use words to do it, but we use words to make a grocery list, too. Your list is fine for blogging. I just hope serious writers are not confusing a blog with writing.

Adina Solomon:

A blog is another form of writing. You have to think of an idea, present it in a appealing format, and engage with readers. Blogs are as much writing as a poem or a book; it’s just different.

You’ll have to read that original post to understand Miss Molly’s perspective and not take it out of context.

My own thoughts have gone in both directions in the past (in that I’ve considered blogging a great form of writing and I’ve considered it suspect) as you’ll observe in older posts such as On learning writing through blogging and Five drawbacks of blogging. Thank you Miss Molly and Adina Solomon.

So what are you thinking?

Valuing the impulsive word

Continuing on from my perspectives on whether we should write about everything, whether we can and whether we should wait before putting deep experiences down on the screen, I could not help but reflect on the exuberant bursts of writing on social media that we currently see by anybody and everybody.

Status updates, micro blogs, comments, captions, tweets, text messages–it’s an explosion of writing out there.

The only image that comes to my mind when I’m surrounded by all this writing is this: So far, it was the night sky in a strange planet dominated by a few yellow moons. Dependable, stable, guaranteed to rise and shine on certain periods of the month.

Now, there is suddenly a burst of sparkling firecrackers from everywhere covering the black night sky. Most of these stay only a few minutes and then disappear.

But the spectacle is great for those watching. Continue reading Valuing the impulsive word

For readers who comment on my posts

Dear Readers:
I love reading your comments. I read each and every one of them and enjoy thinking about them. Sometimes I revisit your comments multiple times and think about the new perspective you’ve brought to my idea in the blog post.

Since the primary audience for your comments is me, I have a question for you, reader, about how you would like me to respond. The question is very simple and comes at the very end of this post. I’d be very grateful if some of you would comment expressing your opinion about how you’d like me to respond to comments. Continue reading For readers who comment on my posts

On being Freshly Pressed

I had been nurturing my fledgeling blog for several weeks now when all of a sudden I receive this email from WordPress asking me to look out for my blog to be featured in the next few days. Continue reading On being Freshly Pressed