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My posts will resume soon

Dear Readers,

I, like so many others, have been affected by hurricane Sandy although I was touched much, much more lightly than most. I just got back my internet connection (at least it seems so at the moment). I’ll resume my blog posts as soon as I can.

Thanks for the overwhelming response to my previous post.


Those readers in the train

Lily Furedi: Subway, 1934
Lily Furedi: Subway, 1934 (Photo credit: americanartmuseum)

I’ve been waitingĀ  a long time for the PATH train at a station in Jersey City. The train will take me under the Hudson river to mid-town Manhattan. It arrives at last and I get in.

It’s not rush hour exactly though not everyone has got a seat. But it’s not so packed right now that someone will trample over your toes or elbow you out of their way to push themselves into or out of the train.

I notice a curious sight.

A lot of people sitting or standing inside the train are reading. Continue reading Those readers in the train